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Relatively new as pets for your aquariums, these are becoming more and more popular as they are in Europe and Asia where the hold shows and conventions with judging and awards. Shrimp keeping is just now becoming easily available to everyone.

There are 2 Basic types and although many more exist, we specialize in selling only captive bred animals taking nothing from the wild. As a matter of fact, almost none of the animals we sell even exist in the wild being creations of the skilled artist who have selected and bred them to offer their unique creations to the world. One type, the Neocardina Heterapada is very easy to care for and adapts to virtually any water conditions worldwide. The other Cardina needs soft acidic water and that means an active substrate for most of the US. So if you want easy and would like to use water from your tap without changing anything, head to the Neocardina, Crayfish and Fish sections. However, some of the most vibrant colors and contract are available in the Cardina family of shrimp, and these require some changes to be made for most tap water in the USA. Cardina breaks down further to Cardina cantonsis types the crystal (they don’t need as acidic and soft water) and Taiwan Bee types and Tiger Shrimps. The newest trend in breeding creates hybrids between those 2, although stable types established in the trade are very few right now, but some amazing new combination have been read and stable strains are beginning to emerge.

Planning on purchasing Shrimp and need help getting started? Please refer to our General Shrimp Care Guide!!

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